A beautiful woman lived in Korea years ago. She was blessed with a very meticulous, loving but not so rich husband who trusted her a lot, call him a perfect life partner! Having flawless skin, expressive eyes, sensuous lips and shiny auburn hair made her self-obsessed. She was born in a middle-class family and desperately wished she were wealthy. Her parents made her marry a middle-class family guy who was a clerk. Katie was so convinced she’s meant to be rich that she detests her real life and spends all day dreaming and despairing about the fabulous life she’s not having. She envisions a rich young man who will fulfill all her dreams and let her flaunt her beauty to the world.

One day, she goes out in the evening for a nature walk. She meets a man who is rich and handsome, extremely impressed by her appearance, reaches to be friends with her. Days pass by and this lady Katie without even giving a second thought and out of greediness proposes the young man to be her new valentine and continues to be in a secret relationship.

The day came when her poor husband was deployed and came home early and saw her with the other fellow. In a fit of rage, that his wife whom he trusted, loved and cared about was cheating on him, he takes a scissor lying on the table next to him and slashes across her face tearing her nasal septum, splitting the nose into half. As doing so he screamed “Who will think you are beautiful now?” She succumbs to it and dies a painful death.

She later returned as a vengeful spirit wearing a surgical mask. In a dark evening of just another day for a young wealthy man returning from work she appears in front of him and asks “Am I beautiful?” The man said “No” and she cut him into two halves.
Similarly, she went and haunted every young fellow she came across. If the man says “Yes, you are beautiful!” She takes her surgical mask, revealing her splitted nose and asks “How about now”? If the man changed his answer to “No” she did the same what she did at first or if he says “Yes”, she splits his nose just like hers.

Running away from her did not work, as she simply reappeared in front of the victim. The only way to escape from her hands was to give her an ambiguous answer such as “You are average.” or “So-so” which left her confused and gave the victim enough time to escape.



The pearlescent and tranquil moon is lonely now. She had a wooer long time ago who coddled and admired her for what she is. His name was Kuekuatsu. Running through the stars, every night together made them love each other and not anyone else. It was a spirit world they flourished in together. Finding each other perfect and being happy made them the most beautiful couple in all realms. But things didn’t dwell well for long…

Just like Juliet had a legion of lovers, she had the Trickster in the spirit world. He fancied her as well. All her powers and her love is what he desired for. He intrigued for eons, until finally he had the perfect plan. He strode up to Kuekuatsu one day and asked him to come along, that he has something to show him.

Kuekuatsu accompanied him to travel the Earth for a long way and landed their feet in the field of wildflowers. Like the very unique and luminous moon, the most beautiful wild rose bush in full bloom caught Kuekuatsu’s heed. He asked Trickster, “Wouldn’t this be the perfect present for her?”. Trickster agreed, and asserted him on to go get them and Kuekuatsu did so. In his celerity to gladden the moon he forgot something important.
Kuekuatsu hustled down to the field and he picked all the roses he could. In his haste, he kept pricking himself, but the generous Kuekuatsu knew the smile on moon’s face after looking at the flowers will suffice the pain he is going through. He stayed there till night arrived.

Now, the lonely moon was running through the night sky, befogged why she couldn’t find Kuekuatsu. But finally, after a long time, she found him in the field. She glowed so bright out of happiness after she saw him and ran towards him to share some love. To present her with the fragmented aesthetic bouquet of flowers he went to leap up into the sky but fizzled. He was so lost in his love for the moon that he forgot, once you leave the spirit world you can never ever go back.
So sad, Kuekuatsu apologized a million times over, trying to explain himself and make sure that she understood he did love her. Her heart shattering into pieces, understood and stayed calm as long as it could. They both cried all night, feeling heavy and broken Kuekuatsu cried so long that his voice turned into howls. But finally, the moon had to leave him there.

That’s when Trickster came to her, claiming to comfort. But the moon is as wise as as she is enchanting and she knew then and there that the Trickster was behind her. Being so loyal, she chased him out of her lands forever, never to be seen again.

During this, Kuekuatsu had to change into a corporeal form, as a wolf. He cried to her for hours every night, they see each other, singing to her that he wishes to hold and feel her warmth again. But unfortunately he can’t. He can never touch her again.

Hello, Fellow Humans!!

Bamboozled what this blog is about?

Ever thought of writing and creating a blog of your own???

I’ve thought of it a hundred times before starting my own blog but anxiety, fear and laziness played the game.

To state the fret, we all seem to be getting more addicted with our gadgets and self-obsessed by the day. Turn ON your TV or open a web browser and narcissism hits you smack on the face – everything screams Me! Me! Me!

I and my guy opened a blog few months back. We were so hyped and excited to open the blog and work on it as we love travelling and we are extreme foodies, but you won’t find a single write-up on it because we haven’t travelled yet because of our schedule, college work and stuff.

A lotta factors will stop us from accomplishing what we wanna do, but should we let ourselves succumb to those obstacles? Don’t we all yearn to feel the satisfaction of doing something for real?

Now, here I am with my very own blog which is gonna be filled with love, comedy, tragedy, epics, drama, horror and some mesmerizing urban legends.

I wanna become an Editor and I love reading and writing, penning down all my assortment of thoughts.

My guy has played a major role in getting me to this state of mind where I really want to write and express all my feelings to the world. I chose this platform because I feel it’s the most convenient and happy place to let your heart speak.

Last but not the least, I wanna end this Intro of my blog with a beautiful quote by Rumi,

“Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”

Stay tuned for more awesome stuff to come!

Lots of Love
Supriya Ramesh